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Do and Dont's in Corbett Tiger Reserve
  • A permit is necessary for entry in Jim Corbett National Park, do enter only after getting the valid permit.
  • Do slow driving inside the Jim Corbett National Park.
  • Do maintain a safe distance from animals in the park and respect their wild life.
  • Do switch off light, fans, and water tap when no one is using them.
  • Do wear cloths having colors that are eco-friendly such as green, Khaki.
  • Do carry a little bag with yourself to keep garbage and trash such as plastics, trash, etc.
  • Get an officially registered guide that will help you in spotting wildlife and ensuring that you do not lose your way in the forest.
  • Turn off your phone's music or your stereo and enjoy the melodious sound of the forest.
  • Maximum two adults and two children (below 12 years) per room is allowed to stay in the tourist zone, do arrange your excursion as per the availability of rooms.
  • Do obtain a clearance certificate before leaving your place of residence within the Tiger Reserve.
  • Don't enter the national park after the sunset.
  • Don't enter in Corbett Tiger Reserve without a permit.
  • Don't drive after the sunset inside the reserve, it is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't play any kind of Music, Stereo, tape recorder or transistors.
  • Don't blow the horn, and driving above the speed limits is strictly prohibited.
  • Don’t cook inside the Jim Corbett National Park.
  • Non-veg food and alcohol are strictly prohibited within the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Take care of zones as entry into the restricted zone is prohibited.
  • Smoking and lighting any kind of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't take your vehicles off the designated routes thereby causing damage to plant or animal.
  • Don’t litter inside the park.
  • Don't use flashlights while clicking phots inside Corbett Tiger Reserve, as the eyes of the animals are very sensitive.
  • Don’t shout or tease animals inside the park.
  • Don’t try to feed animals.
  • Don’t carry guns or pistol in the park.
  • Don’t get down from your vehicle during Jungle Safari.

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